We have done a numerous amount of optimizations to Apache on all servers and adjusted allocated resources for all shared and reseller accounts.
You should see a significant increase in performance and page load times after these adjustments have been made.

In addition below are some good points and guidelines to keep your website loading at optimized speeds and performing up to par:


Too Much Flash 
Flash is very bulky and causes websites to load slowly. On checking I have found that some of your websites have flash. So when creating your flash applications, be sure to be conscious of file size. One way to do this is by using XML to load sequences of external data.

Bulky Code 
Another common culprit is bulky code. The larger the file size of each document, the longer it will take to load. Some ways to make your filesizes smaller is by:

- removing unnecessary whitespace 
- avoiding inline styles 
- using external CSS & JavaScript documents 
- opting for a CSS/DIV based layout, instead of a table-based layout 
- writing efficient code and using CSS shortcuts

Like always if you have any questions or need any assistance submit a support ticket in your client area.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

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